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My name is John Wright I started Drive On Time in 2008. I started this company because of my love for driving and my desire to have a positive impact on young people in our community. My firm belief is that collisions are not accidental. Driving behavior causes collisions. Distractions, Following Too Closely, Speeding, Driving Impaired and Failing to Yield Properly are the main causes of New Driver Crashes. Failing to buckle up is also a major cause of injury and fatality for young people who get into collisions. So this is our focus in class. Everything we do is designed to educate drivers about appropriate driving procedures and discourage young drivers from taking risks behind the wheel.

By the way I wrote the book on Parallel - Parking Park Perfect Now!

My book is for sale on Amazon, but, students will receive the same content revealed in my book as part of their drivers ed training at Drive On Time Driving School.

Meet Our Staff:

1. John Wright, Dr.Edu., DIP, 3Hr.ADEP, YDIP, Instructor Trainer, 9+years

2. Tony Foderaro, Dr.Edu., DIP, 3Hr.ADEP, YDIP, Instructor Trainer, 15+years:

3. Joe Britton, Dr.Edu., DIP, 3+years:

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4. Bonnie White, Dr.Edu., 10+years:

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5. Sean Moore, Dr.Edu., 2+years

6. Zulma Grajeda, Dr.Edu., 3Hr.ADEP, Hable Espanol, 1+year:

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7. Jacob Scott, Dr.Edu., 30+years:

8. Randy Parsons,Dr.Edu.:

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9. Felix Buabeng, Ph.D., Driving Instructor.:

10. Penny Butler, Dr.Edu., 20+years:

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11. Gale Apodaca, 1 year+

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Meet Our Office Manager Heather Vanderwende:

Meet our Reception Staff:

Max Wright:

Dominic Lewis:

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