3 Hour Alcohol / Safe N Sober

Immigrants who possess a drivers license from another country may be able to acquire a Maryland drivers license after taking a 3 Hour Alcohol Course called the "Safe and Sober" Program. This course explains some basic driving facts and the consequences of impaired driving in Maryland.

There Are Two Ways To Complete This Course:

1. Classroom Course Fee $75 (Check Schedule)

2. Online Course

3. Complete Course Online Start Online 3 Hour Alcohol Course Here

4. Call 443-944-5288 To Schedule Final Exam

5. Come To The Classroom To Complete Final Exam In Person

6. Must show Photo ID

7. Must Show Proof of Online Course Completion

8. Online Course fee $75 is due after passing the final exam

9. We accept cash, credit or debit cards, and money order only

Upcoming Classroom Dates and Times Please Call To Enroll in Online Course 443-944-5288

Enrolled Clients will be contacted by phone in case of schedule changes or cancellations.

We accept cash, debit card, or credit card.

To complete the course online click the link below to begin

Start 3 Hour Alcohol Online Course Here

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