Steer Clear of the Reaper


Many people wonder what Steer Clear of the Reaper is all about. My name is John Wright, and when I started Drive On Time Driving School in 2008 I learned a tragic fact. Driving a car is the number ONE cause of death for young people of driving age. So I researched the primary causes of new driver crashes and developed a campaign to highlight the risks new drivers face. My hope is that through education, new drivers can avoid these risks. The risks are:

  1. Driving Too Fast For Conditions
  2. Following Too Closely
  3. Impaired Driving
  4. Distracted Driving
  5. Failing To Yield The Right Of Way
  6. Failing To Wear Seat Belts

It is my sincere hope that The Steer Clear Of The Reaper design will educate young drivers but, also will help them remember and that will increase opportunities for them to share these safety concerns with friends and family members regardless of where they went to driving school.

John Wright, Owner, Instructor Drive On Time Driving School

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